Total IT Infrastructure & Service Provider
GVN is a professional company that provides key IT infrastructure solutions and services

We provide specialized IT services cooperate with major IT infrastructure manufacturers and suppliers in
Korea and abroad to IT system infrastructures such as servers, storage, networks, and consulting, construction of computer room,
construction of physical security infrastructure, and maintenance.


Director:Choi, Ju Yeon


Business area: Information Technology

Staff: About 100 people (October – 2023 )

Location:Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi City

GVN was established in 2013, we are proud of the development and connection with many customers in a short time, with the full name “VIETNAM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY MAINTENANCE CO., LTD”, operating in the field of construction, information technology and maintenance of information technology equipment systems. We always try our best to keep up with the era of globalization and constantly develop through comprehensive innovation.

With many years of experience in the field of construction and maintenance of network systems for financial institutions, enterprises, companies, enterprises … GVN has met the diverse needs of customers doing business in Vietnam, proposing and consulting equipment with the most suitable configuration, operating the most stable network system, maintaining and maintaining the network equipment system in the most professional way. We are always cultivating, learning and constantly looking for the best solutions that suit the needs of our customers.

GVN’s aspiration is to grow together with customers by fulfilling our responsibilities in the most dedicated way to enhance customer trust rather than chasing immediate profits. Based on our experience and highly technical staff, we will continue to do our best and hope to receive a lot of attention from customers.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude for the support of customers in recent years and wish you health and prosperity.