Total IT Infrastructure & Service Provider
GVN is a professional company that provides key IT infrastructure solutions and services

We provide specialized IT services cooperate with major IT infrastructure manufacturers and suppliers in
Korea and abroad to IT system infrastructures such as servers, storage, networks, and consulting, construction of computer room,
construction of physical security infrastructure, and maintenance.

GVN – Reliable IT partner of the business

GVN’s IT outsourcing services are a solution that helps businesses save costs, improve work efficiency, and enhance their competitive edge. GVN provides a variety of IT services, including:

Technical assistance

GVN provides 24/7 technical support services, helping businesses solve computer, network, software, …

System maintenance

GVN undertakes periodic maintenance of the business’s IT systems, helping to ensure the system operates stably.

Network management

GVN helps businesses manage and optimize network systems, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Database management

GVN helps businesses manage and protect databases, ensuring data safety and integrity.

GVN’s professional IT team – Solid foundation for businesses

GVN’s IT team includes highly qualified engineers and IT experts, well-trained at prestigious universities and colleges. They have rich practical experience, having worked for large enterprises.

GVN’s IT team is capable of meeting all business needs, from basic issues such as maintenance and system support to complex issues such as consulting and implementing new IT solutions.