Total IT Infrastructure & Service Provider
GVN is a professional company that provides key IT infrastructure solutions and services

We provide specialized IT services cooperate with major IT infrastructure manufacturers and suppliers in
Korea and abroad to IT system infrastructures such as servers, storage, networks, and consulting, construction of computer room,
construction of physical security infrastructure, and maintenance.

Rental Services

The leasing of information technology equipment brings many benefits to businesses, including:

Cost savings: This is the biggest benefit of leasing IT equipment. When renting equipment, businesses only have to pay monthly or annual rent, instead of having to spend a large amount of money to buy equipment initially. This is especially beneficial for businesses that have limited budgets or have a need to use IT equipment for short periods of time.

Risk avoidance: The purchase of IT equipment can involve many risks, such as the risk of obsolete equipment, the risk of damage, the risk of depreciation of value. When renting equipment, businesses do not have to bear these risks.

Ensure availability: Businesses can rent IT equipment according to their needs, helping to ensure the availability of equipment when needed. This is especially important for businesses that need to use IT equipment in short-term projects or events.

Increased flexibility: Renting IT equipment gives businesses more flexibility in changing the demand for equipment. Businesses can easily upgrade or downgrade equipment as needed without worrying about initial investment costs.
Reduce management burden: Enterprises are not responsible for managing, maintaining and insuring IT equipment.