Total IT Infrastructure & Service Provider
GVN is a professional company that provides key IT infrastructure solutions and services

We provide specialized IT services cooperate with major IT infrastructure manufacturers and suppliers in
Korea and abroad to IT system infrastructures such as servers, storage, networks, and consulting, construction of computer room,
construction of physical security infrastructure, and maintenance.

IT Maintenance Services

For the company, the cost of setting up an IT department is a major issue; Contacting individual service units takes a lot of time and does not guarantee data quality and security. Please contact GVN – Provide comprehensive services from solutions, equipment, deployment as well as IT service management that can meet the most stringent requirements of customers.


GVN has a specialized construction department, with many years of experience in installing CCTV, alarms, door locks, networks for Korean banks in Vietnam, offices, companies, factories. We solve and warranty system problems quickly and professionally.

Rental & Retail

GVN is particularly strong in business in the field of computers, computers and office equipment. We have a team of highly qualified staff, able to meet all your needs even the most demanding customers. Moreover, the staff is enthusiastic and has a very friendly attitude in customer service. When shopping now, you will feel completely satisfied in every way for always providing you with the best.

IT Outsource

GVN’s IT team consists of highly qualified engineers and IT experts who are well-trained at prestigious universities and colleges. They have rich practical experience, having worked for large enterprises. Able to meet all the needs of businesses, from basic issues such as maintenance, system support to complex issues such as consulting, deploying new IT solutions.