Total IT Infrastructure & Service Provider
GVN is a professional company that provides key IT infrastructure solutions and services

We provide specialized IT services cooperate with major IT infrastructure manufacturers and suppliers in
Korea and abroad to IT system infrastructures such as servers, storage, networks, and consulting, construction of computer room,
construction of physical security infrastructure, and maintenance.



Positive and innovative mindset

  • A positive mind that can challenge new possibilities.
  • Regardless of the existing method, constant challenge to the new.
  • Maximization of work efficiency through change of members themselves.

Customer-first, corporate spirit of customer trust

  • One based on facts and principles, fair and transparent business processes.
  • Customer-oriented management, trust with customers is a top priority.
  • Based on trust among members, everything to make the best effort.

Customer satisfaction is The responsibility

  • Achieve customer satisfaction by responding responsibly to customers any needs.
  • Responsibility for assigned tasks and strong commitment to performance.